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He has been paired with some of Hong Kong's hottest starlets onscreen and off, but the most important woman in actor Bosco Wong's life is his mother.

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We also make it clear at the start that no personal questions, particularly ones about a person’s past are to be asked in the eight minutes," says 34-year-old Dalal."Eight minutes is not enough to say you like a person but it is a lot of time to know that you don’t want to see someone again. As much as I like the gothic tradition, this is not Nicholson. Things might not always hold up plotwise, but there are some scary things hiding in the dark corners of this story. Nicholson can be considered a craftsman of the modern ghost story. The situations these ghost hunters get into when they break off into small groups and tour the many rooms and floors – wow!

At first I scoff at him, but then I think back to how I used to scoff at Online Dating. G: I work for Dow Chemicals B: Oh yeah, OK, so Dow Chemicals, so we’re kind of neighbours then. There is some decent banter, and she repeats that she really had a lot of fun on our date, so I am feeling optimistic about things.It’s touching, it’s poignant, it’s funny, very funny. Ray Andrewsen: You know, I can’t imagine a 70, 80, 90-year-old person speed dating.It’s , a film by Steven Loring, and it’s about speed dating in Rochester, New York. It just doesn’t sound like that would be an event you’d naturally call to mind, somebody who’s an octogenarian or a nonagenarian.Saturday Mar 3, 2012 – Travel Lovers’ Speed Dating at the Red Square Vodka House Recalling that my ex told me to shave my armpits to make sure I don’t smell, I do this as preparatory work in the afternoon (more on this later). I tell her I don’t mind waiting around until she sorts out her issues, which I guess is an OK thing to say if I stop there.Cory swings by around and we make up a good dinner of steak and veggies on the BBQ. B: I’m an engineer, I work for B: That’s nice, I’ve only lived in Canada so far, but I’d like to live somewhere else, possibly the Middle East. However, I continue and go way too empathetic, and tell her that I’m a good listener and am good at talking people through things.Next thing you know, it’s time to roll, so we head down to Red Square. Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Trondheim, Iceland. I don’t know about this whole 4 minute thing, it’s way too fast, I don’t know. G: Do you have family out here, or are they back in BC? It also definitely comes across as needy, so really if I did have any remaining chance with her, I have now totally bombed it. Hopefully you sort them out, and if you do and want to meet up again then send me a text. ” Definitely nothing more than that, and perhaps something less.