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We recently had the opportunity to speak with the runner up Mindy Hall from Vh1’s Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels. I never hated a single person there, we were just very different. Reality Wanted.com: So you ended up having feelings for Bret? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: The feelings started coming when we were in St. I needed to know who he was and I got to know him more right around then. Reality Wanted.com: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: I only have one regret and you will have to wait to hear what that is on the reunion show.Mindy a merchandiser and buyer from Cincinnati, Ohio talked with Reality about her experiences on the show. Reality Wanted.com: How did you end up on Rock of Love Bus? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: I didn’t seek it out actually, a casting director came up to me and talked to me about the show. Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: I listened to him in high school but I didn’t own a CD of his, but got one before I went on the show. Reality Wanted.com: Are you attracted to rock stars? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: I have never dated a rock star and never thought I would. It took me a lot longer to open up to him compared to the other girls but I wanted to make sure. Reality Wanted.com: So do you stay in touch with some of the girls from the show? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: I still talk to some of the girls, Jamie, Beverly, Sam and Marcy. Though it is hard to be on a reality show, I just tried to be me and didn’t do anything that wasn’t me. Reality Wanted.com: What was your favorite time on the show? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: Probably the final date with Bret."I'm not going to be walking on eggshells," she says, "I'm fucking blasting through that shit." , would she still be with Bret?"We all have people that we just instantly are like, "Oooh, I wanna be with that guy,' and then there's like, 'Oh, that guy is fucking awesome, I want him to be my best buddy.' And Bret sort of fell in that [friend] category... The 3 seasons each feature (approximately) 20 women competing to be Michaels' girlfriend.Each week the women face challenges, the winner of which gets to go on a date with Michaels.If he asked me back, I know what the right thing is to do and that is to say “NO” but I would be lying if I didn’t give it a shot.

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De La Hoya adds, “On top of using drugs, I also have attempted suicide many times in my life.” PHOTOS: Bret Michaels Through The Years “I was in a really dark, horrible place and eventually had to make the decision to live a healthy life that had meaning and purpose,” she says. “First, I had to learn to love myself and those dark points in my life made me so much stronger,” she says.

, and seemed poised to make a career out of reality TV.

But in an exclusive interview with Radar Online.com, De La Hoya reveals that her life quickly imploded after her brush with reality TV fame, becoming a “dark, horrible place” from which she almost didn’t escape.

I wasn’t that keen on it at first but figured I would give it a shot. Reality Wanted.com: Did you know who Bret Michaels was? I also never expected to like him but I ended up falling in love with him. Reality Wanted.com: What did you think about your competition? My friendship with Taya strained, I am not sure who she really is. Reality Wanted.com: So are you not staying in touch with Taya? Our date went so well, it was like hanging with buddy that you are hot for! Reality Wanted.com: Were you surprised when you were eliminated? Mindy Hall, Rock of Love Bus: I was surprised that I was eliminated. Myspace.com/mindyrockoflove For more Rock of Love Bus Links visit New Season of ‘Eric & Jessie’ Premieres September 6 on E!

I thought it was like a circus there and I figured there were going to be a lot of fights.