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Online dating services provide chat rooms that allow you to get to know someone before you exchange photos or phone numbers.
These figures indicate a 15% divorce rate over a ten year period in marriages registered between Thai women and men from foreign countries. The phenomenon of western men marrying Thai wives is growing.

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But then again, it’s those very issues that can make life and romance miserable too.

Sometimes, it’s the little burdens and the difficulties in life that makes it all worthwhile and meaningful.

In its most basic form, the slide rule uses two logarithmic scales to allow rapid multiplication and division of numbers.

These common operations can be time-consuming and error-prone when done on paper.

[Read: 25 relationship rules for successful love] The 80 20 rule in relationships When you’re in a relationship with someone you love, there may be a few things that you don’t like about them.

After all, none of us are perfectly compatible with each other all the time.

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When I say no contact, I mean no communication whatsoever. But no contact means no contact and it will ultimately bring you exactly where you’d like to go. A lot of women mistakenly think the purpose of the no contact rule is to get him back.If you’ve read any of my articles or books you know I’m not a fan of rules when it comes to relationships.I think rules treat the symptoms, not the disease, but that’s a tangent for a different time!What if you could find a way to steamroll all the problems in a relationship away with the slightest of efforts?It could make life so much better, don’t you think?William Oughtred and others developed the slide rule in the 1600s.