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So here's the continuation of me and my wife's story.
This May, he’s hopping across the pond to return to American television screens (for the first time since his three season stint on the American version of “The X-Factor,” which he also created), as the newest judge on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” “Funny enough, this reminds me of when I was on ‘Idol’ in around about 20, when it was so much fun and there was just this great energy on the show on those couple of years.

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The rest of the time you’re going to be called an arsehole, dickhead, twat and if you’re really lucky… Us Brits only show affection to dogs, horses, and our mums.A picture of a dog in a swing that she saw on her newsfeed, a photo of her coffee that morning with the cute little biscuit it came with, rants about all the shitheads she has to be nice to at work — your Whats App is going to be pinging from the minute you leave her to the minute you see her again with all the things that you’re missing.Yeah, we know you don’t really give a shit and we actually don’t give a shit what you’re up to either — but if you don’t join in on the back and forth and send us a picture of the man you saw wearing socks with sandals on the tube in November, you’ll see our wrath.Our knowledge of the Tube network is not endless Sometimes we will need to look at the map. Talking of Tubes, we only really need to know how to get to a handful of places anyway… We’re cocktail connoisseurs How about being a bit more adventurous than a pint of beer? We can do anything in heels I can EASILY climb these escalators in platform heels and I will do so, every day, regardless of heel burning or blisters. Sloane Square, Victoria, Holborn, Liverpool Street Station and Oxford Circus. It’s pure evil…at weekends You won’t find us fighting our way through crowds to get to Primark on a Saturday. We’ll skip breakfast and go straight for brunch please Listen, if it has salmon, avocado and poached eggs, then we’ll eat it. But dates are dates for a reason…we want to be treated right. We don’t care about the River Thames Yes I know it is a river, it is iconic and YES I know it looks beautiful on a spring day. Getting home at 4am on a week night didn’t end when we graduated If you live in a city that never sleeps then you can’t expect to get any either. Ocado is our saviour I can’t remember the last time I actually went food shopping. Sunday is recovery day I’ll be on my sofa with ice cream and movies.