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Samsung galaxy s3 email widget not updating

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While the built in email app on the Galaxy S3 is an excellent starting point for sending and receiving emails on the go, some users may find the lack of features limiting to their needs.

A common problem is when setting up a POP3 account in the default app and syncing your emails, the mail will no longer be available on the server.

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These days most people don't just work on the computer; they also work using other gadgets like tablets and mobile phones.

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Samsung keyboard Note 3/10.1Galaxy S5 Mini 9.0 - Kitkat Edition Blekota S5 Lite Besonder s Lite ROM v 0.8.2 Finals Lite ROM v 0.9 LTSs Lite ROM v 0.9.1 LTSMicro Lite v 0.1s Lite ROM v 0.9.2s Lite ROM v 0.9.3s Lite ROM v 0.9.4s Lite ROM v 0.9.5s Lite ROM v 0.9.7Micro Lite v 0.2s Lite ROM v 0.9.8XXEMB5 (Stock Theme)ROM by Sergei Crazy Galaxy 9.0.1 Prime Crazy Galaxy 9.1.0 Prime Crazy Galaxy 10.0 Lite Sunrise ROMnone Aromas Lite ROM [nrjzer mod]NRJROMnrj ROM Xperia edition NRJROM v. EFS Backup/Restore - , EFS, , ( XXEMB5) Recovery CWM ( ) CWM CWMS Voice RUSbest Multi Tasking Fix XDA - ( , 16 ) Wipe script-, Kernel Cleaning-script , Totall Commander CF-Root for SGS3 xda ! Not only that, there is also a bunch of stability fixes that make up part of the 73MB update.This particular OTA update seems to be making its way to global models, so if you own one of these puppies, you might want to check out the update section under the Settings menu. The link explaining the mysterious case and explaining not to use EXTRA_WIDGET_IDS is about a very different problem, it explains "The widget was there, you could long press and move it, but it wouldn’t display anything".This will fix Google search bar not working problem in Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S3.For those users who do not have a Gmail account, there are other options, although it is recommended to use a Gmail account with the S3 Email App or official Gmail App for a hassle free experience.