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I thought that I was either going to have to be single for the rest of my life or settle for a woman I did not really like.

I started looking on Ukrainian dating sites, and I was frustrated that most of them seemed like scams.

Currently everything on offer looks pre 1990's with features to match. Ukraine, that little country whose borders are currently under siege by masses of Russian troops to the East, has been in the news a lot lately.

American Men Risk Lives to Find Love Abroad Mass protests. A time-line of critical events in the country's last 6 months would read something like: November: Ukrainian President abandons bid to join European Union / Pro EU - Anti Government Protests Develop as thousands of protesters gather in Independent Square, Kiev.

While finding the real websites can take some time, the effort is worth it. I always figured that I would have no problems finding a wife when I decided to settle down.

I never had problems getting dates or attracting women.

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I spent several years focusing on my career, and when I was ready to start dating again I was shocked to find that most of the women in my area were either married or dating somebody seriously.

None of the single women I met appealed to me at all.

My father did not Ukrainian by nationality, but my mother and grandmother Ukrainian roots. I like to cook and my family for the first place will be always. I am open for everything new and I think you need to take everything from life and never look back....

I have a lot of flaws, but I'm ready to change for my beloved.