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De León ascribed the work to Shimon bar Yochai ("Rashbi"), a rabbi of the 2nd century during the Roman persecution hid in a cave for thirteen years studying the Torah and was inspired by the Prophet Elijah to write the Zohar.
"The dynamic of the relationship changed," the source tells Us.

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Or when he is fiercely protective of the people he loves and cares about... Even if you're just engaged in something you really think is important.And everyday single day I am so incredibly proud of his integrity as a human being.. I wish that everyone could write music to express their pain.. But I do think that marriage my experience with it and I know that you have felt the same way. You all the sudden see your flaws."But what's Cameron favourtie thing about marriage? "My gut feeling about it is just being open to receiving." Little did she know, she'd get a chance to put her own advice to the test the very next month. Seven months into their romance, Diaz and the Madden Brothers rocker are engaged, multiple sources confirm to Us.What's more, the duo, according to one insider, have already set a date for early 2015.

Benji Madden is a very sweet husband - just ask his wife, Cameron Diaz.

"Benji swept her off her feet," says a Diaz source.

"She found someone who knew how lucky he was to have her.

A) She’s a little bit all over the place and quite possibly boy crazy. There’s always some insider info on this guy or that guy and Cameron.

B) The tabloids just love reporting about her – love it. And one of these rumors is being used against Criss Angel in his divorce. Don’t get us wrong, a Diaz plus Jude Law relationship would be fantastic. He’s a smarmy playboy with a track record of infidelity. We’ll hold off on our Diaz-love-rumors moratorium for the time being.