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Ubuntu df not updating what is liquidating your assets

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2 others ways to get the disk is full issue: 1) hidden under a mount point: linux will show a full disk with files "hidden" under a mount point.

If you have data written to the drive and mount another filesystem over it, linux correctly notes the disk usage even though you can't see the files under the mount point.

The TL; DR version is I managed to use all the inodes on a 450G ext4 system compiling and building the Android stack less than 20 times.

I thought I was solving the problem by reformatting the disk as XFS so the inode storage could grow.

A couple hours later, just idling, I was back to less than 1GB free.

Running Ubuntu from a flash drive returns the following for the partition...

The first time is described in this closed question on Stack Overflow.

That's why you see 124G of 130G used, but zero available.

Perhaps the files you deleted brought the utilisation down to this point, but not below the threshold for normal users.

example: main drive shows 100 % disk space used i check what is going on and i notice that the mysql slow log takes all that big space.

i delete the file without restarting the mysql server disk space still shows 100 % because the file was locked. solution is to restart the process holding the lock on the file or quick reboot the server.