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And usually when you write your code, you’re just trying to get things to work. But after a while you notice your code is beginning to get very slow when it runs. I mentioned that the issue is that the screen is constantly updating, which is causing the code to run slowly. The code runs much faster when there’s less real estate to update on your screen. Screen Updating = True End Sub Now the code runs at 1.4 seconds for me, which is a huge improvement.

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When her mother's body was found decapitated on her town's main street, Ahilin Quiñones became another one of the countless orphans in Mexico's Guerrero state, whose lives have been destroyed by a surge in female kidnap and murder.'Women go missing every day from this region,' Ahilin said, cradling her six-month-old daughter, whom she hopes to spare from a life of perpetual terror by moving to the United States, 'My mother is just one among thousands.'Six women are murdered in Mexico every single day, according to the National Citizen Femicide Observatory, which claims only a quarter of the 3,892 murders it reported in 2013 were actually investigated.Forty-three protesting students were disappeared at the hands of the local police in Iguala last year.

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'But it's been over a year and we've heard nothing.'As many as 38 per cent of all forced disappearance cases in Mexico occur in Guerrero.Telstra Clear was then created by the merger of Telstra's Telstra Saturn and Clear Communications in December 2001.Austar United Communications held an initial investment of 42% in Telstra Clear before selling it back to Telstra.The Tampa service center also opened for business that same day with 52 dock doors and 26 associates.Since its inception, the location continues to stand at 12315 Country Road 579 in Thonotosassa, Florida.It says he gave the orders to abduct and kill the students in Iguala and the Mexican attorney-general's office says its investigations show the Guerreros Unidos gang were handed the students by corrupt police.