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Liquidating dividend taxability

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As noted in 7 below, a stock split is not a stock dividend. Because there is no specific meaning given to the word "dividend" in the Act, it must be given its generally accepted meaning.Accordingly, any distribution by a corporation of its income or capital gains made pro rata among its shareholders may properly be described as a dividend unless the corporation can show that it is another type of payment.It also explains the related "gross-up" and "dividend tax credit" provisions of the Act applicable to certain dividends received by individuals from taxable Canadian corporations and comments on certain deeming provisions of the Act as well as special rules in the Act relating to particular types of dividends. The word "dividend" is not specifically defined in the Act except to the extent that subsection 248(1) provides that a dividend includes a stock dividend.A "stock dividend" is defined in subsection 248(1) to include any dividend paid by a corporation to the extent that it is paid by the issuance of shares of any class of the capital stock of the payer corporation.

Current revisions are designated by vertical lines.If you acquired stock in the same corporation in more than one transaction, you own more than one block of stock in the corporation.If you receive distributions from the corporation in complete liquidation, you must divide the distribution among the blocks of stock you own in the following proportion: the number of shares in that block over the total number of shares you own.Divide distributions in partial liquidation among that part of the stock that is redeemed in the partial liquidation.After the basis of a block of stock is reduced to zero, you must report the part of any later distribution for that block as a capital gain.For a C corporation, dividends are taxed twice --- to both the corporation and the shareholders.