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A while ago I got around to seeing the film Kenny, and if you've also caught it, you'll know one of the great joys of the movie is the title character's exacting use of slang, including my personal favourite, "silly as an arse full of Smarties." Australians have no monopoly on slang - the Americans, French, English, Irish and Scots have more ridiculous turns of phrase than you can poke a burnt stick at - but we do have a certain understated skill (and obsession with orifices) that has given us such gems as "fits like a thumb in a bum" and "busier than a blue-arse fly" and "like sh---ing out a rocking chair".

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Unless you’re a part of the online dating scene, you might not even recognize that these are the names of websites.However, even if you are not currently looking for that perfect mate, it’s worth paying attention to these sites: Online dating is a revolutionary industry that can provide insight into your own customers.

That may simply be because so many more men than women use Tinder, the researchers speculate.In modern society, online dating is becoming more prevalent, which creates an interesting dating dynamic because prospects can be compared side to side- you can literally swipe past someone who you view is flawed.However our choice to swipe past is not limited to their physical and emotional characteristics but also the order in which potential dates are presented.With traditional online dating sites, you’re kind of thrown into a huge pool of people who are just browsing around aimlessly and chatting with people they believe may or may not want them.Tinder gets right to the point and connects those people who are already interested in each other even though it is based on physical appearance.“They want to jump right in and enjoy them.” If you’re targeting younger generations, Steinberg believes there is quite a bit an outside company can learn from the online dating scene–not to mention potential partnership opportunities for customized services or ads and specialized promotions.